Wide Open Spaces

Rural Administrator Mentoring Network

The Eastern Oregon REN presents an opportunity for a statewide administrative support system.

You are invited to attend Wide Open Spaces this Fall, November 6-8 in Bend, Oregon at the RiverHouse. Whether a Superintendent, a Principal, a Teacher-Leader, a Central Office official or any educator...you are welcome to attend! The strength of this gathering is those who attend. We have opportunities to learn by listening, but also create opportunities to ask questions on nearly any topic that you need. Whether you need a collaborative conversation around best hiring practices or need advice on how to fill out a Title 1A plan or just need to know what you don't know...this is your spot. We will have veteran school leaders to lead discussions and learn alongside you on all topics. Collaborative conversations with new school leaders will be available and as mentioned earlier the strength of this conversation is that the room is here to help!

Conversation leaders and presenters in the past have included:

Dr. Rick Jeter & Rebecca Coda

Dr. Jill Siler

Andrew Marrota

Lead Like a Pirate: Shelley Burgess & Beth Houf

Dr. Rachael George

We are excited to have Dr. George back this fall as she shares information from her texts, PrincipalED and She Leads!

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