EOREN Mentoring Program

The EOREN mentoring program strives to support and help develop our newest educators.

Our Goals:

  • Novice educators will feel connected to a network of other teachers.

  • Novice educators will have access to resources and support to improve areas of instruction and classroom management.

Your EOREN mentor is there to help you in the classroom, give suggestions, model lessons, and debrief with you. We all work together for success!

Mentoring is flexible with the goal of bringing an outside, non-evaluative perspective to help teachers become more reflective and motivated to continue to improve their craft.

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Novice Educator Mentoring Program


Websites for Building Classroom Culture and Management

  • Classroomscreen: ClassroomScreen offers digital widgets in a variety of languages, all for free. Teachers can project the clock, timer, traffic light, and sound level tools for the whole class, or use the duo widget option to differentiate for two student groups. There are text and drawing tools to help with instructions, and the work symbols are useful for both individual and group work, with options like "whisper," "silence," "ask neighbor," and "work together."

  • Headspace for Educators: Kids benefit enormously from building de-stressing, focus, and mindfulness strategies, but unfortunately, these skills rarely appear in official curriculum. Headspace is free for teachers to use and offers a number of exercises and resources for bringing mindfulness and mental health awareness into their classrooms.

  • Bouncy Balls is a free noise meter that uses plastic balls, emojis, bubbles, or eyeballs to measure sound. As noise in the classroom increases, the balls shoot up and move chaotically across the screen. Use this tool during group work to control noise levels, or turn up the sensitivity meter for use during exams or independent study time. Though some students may make more noise to see the balls move, this tool may help other students self-regulate their behavior.

  • Storybird: Kids preschool age and up can use Storybird to bring their amazing stories and other creative writing to life. From picture books and comics to poetry and novels, Storybird allows students’ voices to shine and be shared.

  • the most feature-rich digital whiteboard available right now, and best of all, it’s 100% free!

  • Wheel of Names: Random Name Tool

  • TeacherSherpa: Browse hundreds of virtual classrooms and the thousands of resources they share.

Mentoring Locations