Eastern Oregon REN 2023 High School Scholarship

Program Purpose

The Eastern Oregon REN aims to assist eastern Oregon School districts in their efforts to recruit high quality educators. The 2023 High School Scholarships seek to provide financial assistance to graduating high school seniors interested in pursuing a career as a Pre K-12 educator. 

Scholarship Eligibility 

*List of Eligible EOREN High Schools

Grant: Students will apply through Grant ESD

Harney :  Students will apply through Harney County Supporting Our Students

Lake: Students can apply through this form or contact Lane Stratton at Lake County ESD. Application deadline May 26th, 2023.

Wallowa: Students will apply through this form. Contact info for each school is located on the form.


*Graduates residing within the EOREN region and graduating from online charter schools housed within one of the EOREN district (Silvies River Charter School, Oregon Connections Academy, etc.) may be eligible for scholarships. Eligibility will be determined by the organization administering the grant funds. Please contact your local school district with any questions.