2020 Malheur Co. Fall PD Day Resources


This event occurred virtually October 2, 2020. Video of each session and other resources are provided below.

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Helping Emergent Bilinguals Online

With Kelli Scardina, Education Northwest

Based on work by Aida Walqui, Jeff Zwiers, and colleagues, engaging English learners in quality interactions that supports the joint construction of knowledge has been found to be critical to all work with these special learners. Participants explored research and partnership structures to ensure opportunities exist for developing oral language throughout the school day.

Rural Math Collaborative Teacher & Administrator Training

With Janel Keating, White River School District

This session kicked off the Eastern Oregon REN Rural Math Collaboratives. Consultant, Janel Keating, worked with teachers selected to serve on all three pilot teams to provide a foundation for the team's collaboration over the coming year. Participation in this session was by invitation only, however if you are interested in learning more or joining one of the pilot teams, please contact Jennifer Martin (open to 3rd, 7th grade or multi-grade rural/remote teachers only).

Google Classroom: Take It to the Next Level

With Tyler Tarver, Tarver Academy

Tyler Tarver presented Google Classroom at the next level. Participants learned about using Digital Interactive Notebooks and creating Interactive Lesson Plans. This session provided participants with the resources they need to make their own copies and templates.

High School Science Professional Learning Collaborative

With Cristina Trecha, Oregon Science Project

Cristina Trecha worked with high school science teachers to build community and share their current realities during this 2 hour launch of the Eastern Oregon High School Science PLC. This session was opened to all high school science teachers at all levels of teaching experience and NGSS experience.

Engaging Students Through Real World Connections

With Penny Jahraus, Oregon Connections

Educators explored how to use the Oregon Connections/Nepris platform to actively engage learners during Comprehensive Distance Learning. Through Oregon Connections educators, librarians, and counselors can connect their students, virtually, to an extensive network of industry professionals who bring real-world context to everyday lessons. During this session participants explored how to use this online tool effectively and set up their first sessions. All Malheur County participants received a FREE platinum license.

Using Loom & EdPuzzle to Create Videos

With Zach Knapp, Vale School District

If you have been looking for an easy way to capture instructional content quickly and easily share it with your students, parents, and colleagues, then watch this presentation. Loom is a powerful online resource that allows you to quickly record your screen, yourself, or both to create videos that are instantly shareable. As an added bonus, Loom recently unlocked their Pro features (Normally $8 per month) for all educators and students! This means you have access to drawing tools, and embedded calls to action to further enhance your presentations......and unlimited video storage as well! We also took some time to explore a powerful resource if you are using ANY video content with your students. EdPuzzle allows you to embed questions throughout videos you share with your students, and since the whole thing integrates seamlessly into Google Classroom, setting up your class is a snap. You are able to see who watched the videos you assigned, how long they watched them, and get a score on all the questions they answered, in real time. There is even a pile of pre-made EdPuzzle assignments for existing videos you may already be using in class! If you are using video with your students this is a game changer!


Edgenuity Targeted Support

With Eric Tuck, Edgenuity

This was a "hands-on" session which addressed participant questions for targeted support with Edgenuity courseware. Participants needed their user login. A second monitor or device was also recommended for this session

MyTeachingStrategies Exploring Gold (Attn: Early Learning)

With Glenda Walker, Teaching Strategies LLC

This 1-day session introduced teachers to GOLD®, our authentic, ongoing, observation-based, developmentally appropriate assessment solution of children from birth through third grade. Through video clips, small group work, and facilitator-led discussions, teachers explored the structure, features, and functionality of the tool and practiced using it to follow the four-step assessment cycle. Hands-on activities included observing children and writing objective observation notes, evaluating a child portfolio, and communicating assessment information with families. By the end of the session, teachers had the basic skills they need to begin implementing GOLD® in their classrooms.

Fostering Resilience in the Midst of Unpredictability

With Kristin Souers, author Fostering Resilient Learners

Inspired by the challenges we face, Kristin Souers and Pete Hall put together a presentation to share strategies and tips for being at our strongest when we're facing tough times. This session included the streaming of a recorded keynote address followed by a question and answer session with Kristin Souers. Please contact Jennifer Martin if you are interested in viewing the presentation. (Limited to 500 total views)