Using Loom & EdPuzzle to Create Videos

With Zach Knapp, Vale School District

If you have been looking for an easy way to capture instructional content quickly and easily share it with your students, parents, and colleagues, then watch this presentation. Loom is a powerful online resource that allows you to quickly record your screen, yourself, or both to create videos that are instantly shareable. As an added bonus, Loom recently unlocked their Pro features (Normally $8 per month) for all educators and students! This means you have access to drawing tools, and embedded calls to action to further enhance your presentations......and unlimited video storage as well! We also took some time to explore a powerful resource if you are using ANY video content with your students. EdPuzzle allows you to embed questions throughout videos you share with your students, and since the whole thing integrates seamlessly into Google Classroom, setting up your class is a snap. You are able to see who watched the videos you assigned, how long they watched them, and get a score on all the questions they answered, in real time. There is even a pile of pre-made EdPuzzle assignments for existing videos you may already be using in class! If you are using video with your students this is a game changer!