2021 Fall Professional Development Day

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Alisha Seals & Carlos Nunez

This event occurred October 1, 2021. Video of each session and other resources are provided below.

SWIVL Webinar & Hands-On Workshop (K-12) *Virtual*

Presented by: SWIVL

PART 1: Swivl Training Webinar (12:30-1:30 P.M. Mountain) is a 60 minute overview of the Swivl system, customized for educators. This session includes robot setup, recording, live streaming, and Teams by Swivl Pro features. Robot Kits are not required at this session, but attendees are encouraged to bring the kit so they can handle the components during training.

PART 2: Swivl Foundations (1:45 - 3:15 P.M. Mountain) is a hands-on virtual PD session focused on the basics of using the Swivl Robot and Teams by Swivl software. Attendees will receive personalized interactive training with the opportunity to physically practice with their robots and ask questions. This will be a small group session (15 max) for hands-on activities and troubleshooting. The session is delivered remotely but with everyone interacting with their Swivl kit components. Whenever possible, each participant should attend the virtual session from their own classroom or work space. This allows everyone to keep their mics on and ask questions quickly during the session.

Calling All Secondary Science Educators - NGSS (6-12)

Presented by: Nickie Shira, Frontier Stem Hub

The work of planning and teaching with NGSS in mind is complex and challenging, but when educators work together, they create greater learning opportunities and successes for students. So join with the Frontier STEM Hub and fellow science educators as we collaborate and confer to share expertise, new knowledge, and resources. Come build on existing practices to enhance your instructional toolkit. Be prepared to discuss, share, and lead through this unique interactive experience. Meet colleagues from around the region as you network to gain a deeper understanding and share to reach common goals. In addition, this session will explore Frontier STEM Hub Lending Library resources available for the secondary science classroom. Resources include zSpace AR technology, Vernier tools and software, circuitry kits, and much more.

Emotional Poverty Workshop: Reducing Anger, Anxiety & Violence in the Classroom

Presented by: Dr. Bethanie Tucker, Aha! Process, Inc. (A Ruby Payne Company)

Morning session will delve into regulation and calming strategies for students as well as what motivates good behavior and why some discipline strategies work while others do not. In the afternoon participants will learn strategies for better results while working with male students (male and female brains). Participants will learn about emotional noise in the classroom and what they can do. The stages of adult development will also be discussed. In an effort to ensure some social distancing, space will be somewhat limited.