Developing a Trauma Lens to Nurture Resilience, Part 1 (PK-2)

with Barbara Brody & Shannon Lipscomb, Oregon State University

This workshop examines trauma, resilience, and how trauma affects children’s development and behavior. It also offers practical strategies for reflection and application to nurture resilience in ourselves and in those we serve. This is Part 1 (Resilience and Nurturing Resilience) of a 2- Part workshop. Part 2 (Developing a Trauma Lens) will be scheduled as a follow-up at a later date. Part 1: Resilience & Nurturing Resilience focuses on what resilience is, how we nurture it, and taking steps to nurture reliance within ourselves. This online workshop series meets professional development credits: TSPC Standard: Learning Designs; Oregon Registry (ORO): Set 2 | CKC: HGD (2 hours) UGB (1 hours); OPEC Parenting Educator Core Knowledge & Skills Category: HGD. Register Now! (Space is limited) 

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