Tall Cop Says Stop: High in Plain Sight



Date: Friday, Aug 27th, 2021

Time: 8:00am-1:00pm (MDT)


Billie-Jo Nickens


Four Rivers Cultural Center
676 SW 5th Avenue
Ontario, OR 97914


This Tall Cop session will educate attendees on how to identify current substance use trends including the possible impaired driver.

Professionals from Malheur County and surrounding areas are invited to attend this FREE workshop with lunch and refreshments provided. Officer Jermaine Galloway provides up-to-date information on culture and emerging trends in substance abuse and has trained over 650,000 people nationwide and conducted over 8,400 community scans. In 2015, he presented at the Oregon DUII Conference and has trained a variety of professionals in Eastern Oregon over the years.


This workshop will provide attendees with the ability, knowledge and confidence to help prevent and identify students who are abusing drugs. Attendees will also be taught the strategies and different terms that are consistent with underage drinking abuse. There are several identifiers, logos and terms that are commonly related to underage drinking, marijuana use, over-the-counter drug abuse, drug concealment on school property, and considerations regarding impaired driving. These items, along with much more, will be discussed.

Objective #1 - Quick identification of alcohol and drug indicators of possible at risk youth

Objective #2 - Understanding the current youth drug culture

Objective #3 - How alcohol and drugs are concealed on school property, in the classroom and on / within clothing

Objective #4 - Tools for prevention, including: improving school policy and procedures in regards to current student alcohol and drug abuse

Objective #5 - Area specific alcohol and drug abuse information and content

Objective #6 - Area specific considerations regarding impaired driving