2021-22 Safety and Prevention Series

The Safety and Prevention Series will be available to Grant, Harney, Lake, Malheur and Wallowa County educators with opportunities lasting through March 2022.

Section 36 of HB 3427 and Oregon Administrative Rule, 581-029-0001 establishes the statewide School Safety and Prevention System (SSPS) to provide assistance to school districts and education service districts in decreasing youth suicidal behavior through the implementation of effective prevention programs and student wellness programs that focus on early identification and intervention by School Safety and Prevention Specialists.

The SSPS will promote physical, mental, and emotional health and safety for students, within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) with an emphasis on protected classes, historically, traditionally, and currently underserved students and youth through:

  1. Suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention planning and professional development,

  2. Behavioral Safety Assessments designed to result in fewer disproportionate and more equitable outcomes for historically, traditionally, and currently underserved and marginalized students and youth, and

  3. Professional development and procedures for the prevention of bullying, cyberbullying, sexual violence, harassment, or intimidation.


Location: Various in-person and virtual sessions. See individual session/series descriptions.

Jenn Susuki: Jenn.susuki@malesd.org

Beccy Nordtvedt: rnordtvedt@r18esd.org

Registration: Please register for each session using the links provided in the session descriptions below.

Level 1 BSAT & Suicide Prevention Series (Hybrid)

School Safety & Prevention: Winter Events

December 10, 2021; January 28, 2022; February 11, 2022 (11:00am - 3:00pm MST)

Administrators, School Counselors, and School Social Workers are invited to join specialists from the School Safety and Prevention System for an afternoon -or just a couple of hours- as we explore topics related to suicide prevention and behavioral safety assessment. Sessions will be most beneficial to school teams but you are welcome to attend by yourself as well.

From 11:00-1:00 (Mountain), we will review Level 1/ School-Based behavioral safety assessment (threat assessment) paperwork and processes.

Then from 1:00-3:00 (Mountain), delve into your school’s suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention practices through an interactive guided session. *Make sure to bring your computer and your printed SB52 suicide prevention plan.

Please only sign up for the date that works best for you.

This is a hybrid event. If you attend in person, a working lunch will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to join us for both sessions on each date.

Please reach out to Jenn Susuki at Jenn.Susuki@malesd.org with any questions.


Malheur Education Services District

363 A St W, Vale, OR 97918

BSAT Winter Training Series (Virtual)

Behavioral Safety Assessment Winter Training

January 13th & 14th, 2021 (8:00am-12:00pm PST); January 20th & 21st, 2021 (8:00am-12:00pm PST); January 25th & 28th, 2021 (8:00am-12:00pm PST)

An Introduction to Safety/Threat Assessment and Management.

  • This course will give you a better understanding of the need for and design of a Safety (Threat) Assessment Team by examining vignettes/case studies through a cultural context and an equity lens. It proves an overview of interviewing skills, violence risk prevention, and formal threat assessment instruments. Providing vignettes in a gradual fashion, each team and team members will use their analytical skills and multidisciplinary strengths to assess and manage situations of concern. We will address the importance of cultural proficiency and humility when responding in such instances. You will also be taken through a brief overview of how to locate, extract, analyze, and react to social media data.

● Evolution of threat assessment

● Key concepts and definitions

● Risk factors and mitigators

● Cultural context, diversity, and inclusion

Assist Training (In-Person)

Assist Training

Presented by: Judi Trask and Paula Olvera from Malheur County Prevention

November 17th-18th, Time TBD
Vale Christian Church - Vale, OR

Asist is a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated suicide intervention training that reflects current best-practice in suicide intervention. ASIST is the result of more than 25 years of research and development and is the most widely used suicide intervention program in the world. This is a two-day, 15-hour, interactive workshop. Learn how to recognize opportunities to help, assess risk of suicide, apply a suicide intervention model, and practice skills. 24 spaces are available.

School Mobilization Assistance Response Teams (SMART) Training (In-Person)

School Mobilization Assistance Response Team

March 14th, Time TBD
Burns, OR

March 15th, Time TBD
Ontario, OR

SMART teams respond to schools during a traumatic event that emotionally impacts students and staff. Team members mobilize immediately to provide support in the school setting. This training will help prepare your staff and community members in the event of a crisis of any magnitude. Participants should include counselors, principals, beloved teachers, and influential members from the community such as religious leaders, parents, coaches, and child advocates from all walks of life. 40 spaces are available for each event/location.

Crisis Management Institute Flight Team Coordinator Training

Crisis Management Institute Flight Team Coordinator Training

Presented by: Cheri Lovre of the Crisis Management Institute

Crisis Flight Team Coordinator training from Cheri Lovre of the Crisis Management Institute will be provided for 2 people from each of the counties. There will be two different training opportunities throughout the year. For more information about the roles and responsibilities of a flight team coordinator click here. People interested in becoming a Flight Team Facilitator should be aware of the following:

  • Must be available to attend 20 hours of required training (online spread throughout the year).

  • Dates to be determined.

  • Ability and willingness to train flight team members within their county/district.

  • Willingness and capacity to deploy the flight team when there is a crisis.

  • Shared responsibility of being "on call" when a crisis occurs.

  • Responder support when an event occurs (supporting the flight team on site) .

  • Monthly check-ins for updates and table talks

The Safety and Prevention Series is Sponsored by:

Lines for Life, Eastern Oregon REN, School Safety and Prevention Program, Malheur ESD, and Wallowa ESD