2023 Regional Math Challenge

Challenge #1 - Tower of Hanoi

See the instructional video & downloadable PDF below!

K-12 Tower of Hanoi Record Sheet

Math Challenge 1 Downloadable PDF.pdf

K-1 Tower of Hanoi Record Sheet

This record sheet was created & generously shared by Adriane Ineck from Nyssa Elementary.

Tower of Hanoi.pdf

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School Submission Hall of Fame

These are the classes who have successfully completed the Tower of Hanoi Challenge!**

Gaylene Ellsworth- Adrian Elementary

Tricia Johnston- Adrian Elementary

Kelly Grindle- Aiken Elementary

Justine Segura- Aiken Elementary

Jennifer Johnson- Aiken Elementary

Heidi Blankenship- Aiken Elementary

Cindi Herren- Alameda Elementary

Amanda DeVos- Alameda Elementary

Sidni Durham- Alameda Elementary

Heather Hamann- Alameda Elementary

Sandra Dickinson- Alameda Elementary

Teresa Wilson- Alameda Elementary

Kitty Phillips- Annex Charter

Dean Seward- Annex Charter

Kelly Biddinger- Annex Charter

Joe Burris- Annex Charter

Marnie Dundas- Annex Charter

Susan Douglas- Cairo Elementary

Tessa Conrad- Cairo Elementary

Emmaleigh Larson- Dayville (K-12)

Tiffnie Schmadeka- Dayville (K-12)

Carrie Sullivan- Dayville (K-12)

Denise Adams- Diamond Elementary

Katie Butterfield- Enterprise Elementary

Donna Yost- Enterprise Elementary

Mara Niezen- Enterprise Elementary

Bre Austin- Enterprise Elementary

Jennifer Hauser- Fields Elementary

Stacey Moser- Fields Elementary

Isabel Brito- Four Rivers

Maria Ortego- Four Rivers

Viola White- Four Rivers

Kim McDowall- Four Rivers 

Hannah Dolby- Four Rivers

Zuri Montoya- Four Rivers

Angelica Garcia- Four Rivers

Viola White- Four Rivers

Julia Lundquist- Fremont Elementary

Aleah Elliot- Fremont Elementary

Samantha Hauser- Frenchglen Elementary

Marie Torland- Harper Charter

Teresa Whitman- Hay Elementary

Sammeejo Hutchison- Hay Elementary

Leslie Arcularius- Hay Elementary

Deb Watts- Hay Elementary

Jessie Buhrle- Hay Elementary

Joshua Weible- Hay Elementary

Sara Burns- Henry L. Slater Elementary

Jean Roloff- Henry L. Slater Elementary

Anna Field- Humbolt Elementary

Shanely Cobb- Humbolt Elementary

Sena Raschio- Humbolt Elementary

Robyn Miller- Humbolt Elementary

Holly Wick- Humbolt Elementary

William Merkel- Huntington (K-12)

Shari Warnock- Imnaha Elementary

Crissy Terry- Jordan Valley Elementary

Mattie Johnson- Jordan Valley HS

Archie Buck- May Roberts Elementary

Janice Grengs- May Roberts Elementary

Brenda Corder- Mary Roberts Elementary

Trella Smith- Monument School

Melissa Haworth- North Lake School

Laura House- North Lake School

Adriane Ineck- Nyssa Elementary

Cheryl Esplin- Nyssa Elementary

Kathleen Burbank- Nyssa Elementary

Paula Barnhart- Nyssa Elementary

Keri Osborne- Ontario HS

Fani Lopez- Ontario MS

Sarah Dunbar- Paisley (K-12)

Katelynn Wolff- Paisley (K-12)

Katie Wolff- Paisley (K-12)

Katie Tracy- Pine Creek Elementary

Susan Tolman- Pioneer Elementary

Guadalupe Hernandez- Pioneer Elementary

Diana Yano- Pioneer Elementary

LuAnn Anderson- Plush Elementary

Becky Sharp- Prairie City (K-12)

Christie Winegar- Prairie City (K-12)

Fred Byers- Troy Elementary

Christian Tuttle- Vale Elementary

Janie Keller- Vale Elementary

Cassie Young- Vale Elementary

Jessica Leary- Vale Elementary

Cassie Young- Vale Elementary

Jodi Sharp- Vale MS